1/2 Steer - Bulk Beef (Best Deal)
1/2 Steer - Bulk Beef (Best Deal)

1/2 Steer - Bulk Beef (Best Deal)

Regular price$2,295.00

Feeds Family of 4 for 12-24 Months

Every steer can produce a different amount of finished product. For example, a 1200 pound steer can produce 500 pounds of beef on average, but could be 480 one time and 520 another. There is a range of expected poundage in each category, but you will be charged as a flat rate. Every customer will receive an equal amount of beef for each category.

  • 250-265 lbs total
  • 9-12 cu. ft. freezer space
  • Average $9.00/pound
  • This product comes in a vacuum-sealed package. This keeps moisture from compromising the beef and keeps the product fresher for longer. It also prevents freezer burn much better vs a traditional butcher paper wrap.
Ground Beef:


Grilling Steaks:

All-Natural Beef Franks
(12) 8 Count Packages

Cooking Steaks:
(2) Skirt Steak
(1) Flank Steak