Who We Are

Backroads Cattle Company sells beef: ground beef, burger patties, steak, brisket and roast. As ranchers did in the Old West, we raise our tender and flavorful beef on ranches with endless pastureland. Our products are All-Natural, Ranch Raised Black Angus, that are Antibiotic Free with No Added Hormones.

Why did we start this?

We started Backroads Cattle Company because our dream was to provide a fair market value for the American Rancher and at the same time, support families with growing costs related to their children's activities and organizations. Some of these organizations, teams, and groups are struggling to keep up with rising expenses, so we help provide a productive way to raise funds.

Softball players in parking lot after practice
What are we doing?

We are set up to help teams and organizations raise revenue that will, in turn, reduce the burden of the families that support it. Currently, we've structured ourselves to help our partner organizations with the goal in mind that the revenue raised will help reduce the costs of the families that make up the organization. Using a sport entity as an example, we could raise 1,000’s and even 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars that would help plateau or lower the participants expenses. We even understand the money raised could go towards the organizations' efforts to pay for all or most of the offseason training programs that their athletes are involved in. Similar examples exist for our religious organizations that are looking for new ways of reducing the burden on their patrons or perhaps offset potential declining offering goals.

What's our road map?

In the years to come, we envision having built a gratifying number of partners in the fundraising space. Non-Profit organizations that share similar values in selfless giving, guiding youth as well as providing a foundation AND an example of how to work for your dreams. We ourselves know first hand how hard achieving dreams can be and we believe that with an intelligent approach there is no replacement for hard work. With our efforts, our goal is to grow our own business and social impact with organizations that share similar values.

2 Steaks on the grill with flames

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