Backroads Cattle Company's fundraising model is designed to successfully raise revenue for your team or organization. Our blueprint is designed to have very little 'on task' participation from our partners and their members. Backroads Cattle Company is ideal for organizations that currently rely heavily on parent and/or patron participation in order to secure financial success with their fundraising efforts.

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Backroads provides a product that consumers are looking for. Since 2016, the meat industry has seen unprecedented growth rates in meat products that have unique production claims. Claims such as Antibiotic-Free, No Added Hormones and All-Natural have become a focal point in the decision making process of customers. Combined with the #1 and #2 main purchasing influencers (Tenderness and Flavor), Backroads has a product that is very appealing to almost everyone.

Fundraising Partners

Our partners create visibility of their fundraising efforts as well as recognition of the partnership with Backroads Cattle Company through social media, direct emails and word-of-mouth. As most success stories in life go, success won't happen without an authentic and purposeful implementation from the organization.

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Backroads Provides:

The product as well as all customer interactions. This includes providing the website for customers to learn about the product and to process customer orders. We also coordinate the delivery of their purchase to the customer. Our process is set up with the intent that our partners do not have to rally a workforce to raise revenue or add additional tasks for the Board Members.

Revenue Stream

As orders are completed, Backroads Cattle Company distributes the fundraising gains to our partner organizations.

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