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Authentic American ranch raised beef, delivered in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin

Backroads Cattle Company sells beef: Steak, Ground Beef, Brisket, Burger Patties and Roast. As ranchers did in the Old West, we raise our tender and flavorful beef on ranches with endless pastureland. Our products are proudly inspected and verified by the USDA as Black Angus, All-Natural, Antibiotic Free, No Added Hormones and Ranch Raised.

Ranch-Raised Cattle

Ranch Raised

Our cattle are raised naturally in a healthy atmosphere of tens of thousands of acres of pastureland, in a stress-free environment, and stay active and healthy all day long as they graze.

Tender Brisket Steak


Naturally raised on over 10,000 acres of pastureland, our beef achieves optimum tenderness that only comes through our Angus genetics, humane animal care practices, and the essential activity that comes from roaming freely.

Flavorful Brisket Steak


Raised to have the perfect amount of marbling and fat trimmings, the flavor of our beef line is sure to leave your tastebuds satisfied and looking forward to your next meal!

Step 1: Choose Your Meats

Learn about our different cuts we offer under the Products Tab above. Once you have an idea about which cuts of beef you'd like, you can browse our bulk meat offerings under the Buy Now tab above. Each bulk meat option will walk you through the variety of cuts and quantities included, and include important specs such as freezer space needed, how long it will feed a family of 4, and the total weight of your meat products.

Step 2: Choose Your Organization

Once you’ve added your product(s) to the cart, you'll notice a dropdown menu containing Backroads’ partners and organizations. Select your organization and proceed to checkout. Our Backroads Cattle Company team will reach out to you via email and/or phone call to coordinate a delivery date and time.

Step 3: Cook & Enjoy!

Whether you're grilling, braising, stewing, roasting, broiling, stir-frying, or barbecuing, Backroads beef is sure to put a smile on your family's faces.

All Natural
Antibiotic Free
Black Angus
No Added Hormones
Ranch Raised
Rancher riding his horse in the field

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